Saturday, June 27, 2015

assertion of self

to break free into viability

I love my students,
I poke into my psyche and ask “why?”
and, when I do, I feel I but reciprocate,
for student after student gives me the gift
of letting me know who they are
with each venture into risk, effort, assertion,

how could one not love the vulnerable self
as it works to break free into viability?
it’s like how we are wired to love the newborn,
even those not of our species,

the world is full of tests,
only some of which are truly important,
each of us needs help believing in ourselves
and denying those voices that insinuate we are not worthy,

I minister to my students, maybe partly,
as a way to minister to the doubter within me, too. 

by Henry H. Walker
June 20, ’15

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