Monday, March 23, 2015

the double edge

empathy cuts

empathy is a wonderful blade
that cuts through indifference 
and helps me feel a bit 
of the intensity another lives,

the love I know, when I’m truest
to what I know as God,
pulls me out of the smallness of my self
into the largeness of 1 + 1, into infinity,

yet, when I make that empathic leap,
I leave myself, vulnerable,
I no longer compartmentalize,
and I give up surety, safety,

the chasm below shouts at me
of how tenuous today is, how fragile,
how momentary any moment is,

how hard it is to know
and still to find the wherewithal
to hope, and to move forward,

my empathic leaps can make me despair,

the blade of empathy has a sharp edge,
and it cuts.

by Henry H. Walker
March 22, ’15

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