Saturday, March 14, 2015

photovoltaic panels!

a lighter tread upon the earth

we now have 12 new photovoltaic panels
just above our roof,

they join the 8 we have had for awhile,
plus the 3 thermal panels for hot water,

those 8 have morphed sunlight into electricity,
and thus helped us power our lights, our electronics, our Volt,

they have slowed the meter

as we have needed fewer kilowatts from the grid,
and, at times, our meter has run backwards
as we contribute and give back to that same grid,

now we’re more than doubling our capacity
so that our tread upon the earth lightens,

today I turned the system on,
though clouds held back the sun,
soon the great solar furnace will first power
the fullness of our 20 panels,
and we will go more gently into that good day
and leave more room for others to also get by.

by Henry H. Walker
March 13, ’15

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