Sunday, March 1, 2015

multitudes and oneness

my psyche embodied

the cabin-on-the-creek embodies my psyche:

my subconscious metaphors nightmares at me from there,
two nights ago bears, just outside, fought to come in and take over,
the dark sides of my self powerful and pushing the doors
so that my control will be lost,

while I, in the cabin itself, work hard to run the homely house,
where that which is my conscious self 
manages the primal outside with right angles and right thought,

down by the creek I have made a sitting place,
where I can feel constant and centered
as the water flows, always different, and always the same,
leaves spiral down into the creek as my mother slips away,
seeds spiral down in the creek to remind me to hope,
stars above whisper of constancy,
kids playing before me shout of the joy
that a moment deserves to feel,
I meditate there and seek to start my day calmed and eldered,

in therapy I sought a grounding place for my psyche,
and it was the pooled creek, hard by the cabin, that I found spoke to me,

all who we are has the tenuous about it,
as we struggle to know all the parts that can make us whole,
we can know multitudes and oneness inherent in who we are.

by Henry H. Walker
February 26, ’15

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