Friday, January 16, 2015

who is HW?

I am plural

do I contain multitudes
or do multitudes contain me?

a Jewish prayer remembers those gone
in wind and sun, the beauties of each moment,
so am I out there now?

for I see that of God in all plants and animals,
in every welling-up of beauty,
and in every person, 
thus connecting all into a wholeness,

yet we each need to find the hole 
into which the unique shape of our individuality can fit,

I teach middle school and lead with my heart,
eldered by my head, the hole for me as profession,
I am also parent and grandparent, photographer and poet,
punster and scout of the wild,

the calm surface of my plate 
rides upon intense magma of feeling
which easily erupts into volcanoes:
joy often laughing forth and
sorrow ready to tear forth at any time,

my heart also leaps me into others
and I feel as they feel for a time,

I try to hold multitudes 
and somehow they are me, too. 

by Henry H. Walker
January 12, ’15

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Jen Feldman said...

Beautiful, Henry. Yet another reason I feel connected to you: we are both teachers, writers, photographers ... and empaths! Thank you for this gem. ~Jen