Wednesday, January 21, 2015

another of the greatest generation, Glenn Jeffries, dies at 100

My Special Uncle Bus

to give oneself completely
to the moment
to the other
to one’s self--
that was Uncle Bus:

a natural force
that saw the world clear
and shaped it sure
to a vision of what it can be,
truth black & white,
like the unconditional love he gave,

so genial, a twinkle to his eye,
a loving to connect with others
and to build himself part on who he knew, and touched,

the individuality, memory, and beauty of wood
revealed on his lathes as treasures
from their own essence and his vision:
“to everything turn, turn. . .”
and a time for their “purpose under heaven,”
he the instrument for their revelation,
as subtraction equaled addition,

his beloved Margaret she who completed him
and they found each other in a bond
that even the second world war could not deny for long,
from Tokyo Bay in the fall of 1945
Glenn found the way home
and Margaret and he wed soon after his return,
their love so like a whole

and from their union three wonderful children
who with the strength of their gifts
and the power of their love
make a difference in all they touch,
ripples of the wholeness
Glenn & Margaret lived with every breath,

Glenn an engineer who saw the world
as logical, rational,
with rules to learn and follow,
the sureness of measurement and structure,
the named, the encountered, the understood,
working for T.V.A. and keeping our dams and power right,
organizing the garden to produce bounty,
making rolling pins, cabinets, tables, Christmas ornaments,
whatever needs doing for whoever he knew and loved,
find a need and he had a solution:
how to cut finger rolls, pour apples, open jars, sharpen scalpels,
how things work a passion,

his faith strong and sure
for here is the explanation for the world
and here are the rules by which to live
so that the spirit underlying us all can be revealed and expressed,
the apple pie,
the story,
the family,
the church, 
“the least of these my brethren,”
central to his core,

a life of love and giving
and revealing every gift that God had given him
and the world is that much better 
for how well he lived.

by Henry Walker, nephew, with love

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Anonymous said...

I so much appreciated that you read this at his remembrance service. You are so right that being physically absent is not the same as being gone.