Friday, January 30, 2015

homogeneity can be false

God blesses many paths

we can seek comfort in others we feel to be just like us
and that we are the ones with the real and true answer,
we kid ourselves that we center into meaning
when we dismiss the different as not us, 
too different, 
when we believe that only those 
who reflect the smallness that we see in ourselves
somehow make us larger by agreeing with what's so,

I despair when I hear some I love
testify that the only way to Heaven
is through the manifestation of the Divine
that has spoken clearly to them,

for me I seek commonality within diversity,

God is at the top of a mountain
and our path can lead us upwards toward the Godhead,
yet we are better when we realize
other paths can be equally blessed by God.

by Henry H. Walker
January 23, ’15

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