Wednesday, September 17, 2014

what dreams may come

dark currents roil

we are awake,
and we are asleep,

while we live in our conscious world
we can imagine we’re in control,
all rational and positive,
our better angels in charge,

yet when we drift off
that which we hoped to deny, can surface,
dreams morph into nightmare,
and we can awake in the stillness
and wonder what darkness and doubt
need to be noticed,

my conscious self is graced with a basic joy,
the conditions of my life feel so lucky:
health, home, food,
a partner who amazes me with her self,
a job I feel to be a calling,
as I continue to find how to be there for my students,

yet just underneath that sun-graced surface
roil dark currents of sorrow and loss,
currents I need to own, and to own fully,
I need to cry, to cry with abandon,
otherwise, I cannot truly feel the sun on the surface,

joy needs to know sorrow,
to be in the depths allows us 
to then also be able to reach to the stars.

by Henry H. Walker
September 16, ’14

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