Sunday, September 7, 2014

in the trenches

the action in creation

in poetry I seek to see meaning
within what life is all about,
a way to shake myself from the slumber
that can enfold awareness with routine,

now that the school year has started,
it’s harder for me to sit back, to contemplate,
to be as on a mountain top and see how all is a whole,

rather, now my effort at the creative impulse
reaches to understand each student, how to care for each,
how to find a way to help each realize the worth within
and find the ways to release the power of that worth,

I seek to know what to do in class,
how to respond to words,or lack of words, from my students,
to writings, to tests,
to questions of how well our plans work as a school
so that we are there and right for our students,

I write this poem as a way to realize
that creation itself is action
and only later is there space for reflection.

by Henry H. Walker
September 6, ’14

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