Wednesday, September 10, 2014

we have lost a good man

Mark Levick

life can be like a forge
that tests our mettle,
and, if we respond well,
the metal of our being becomes stronger
and shapes to fit the needs within and around us,
at our best we should become better and better with age,

Mark did so
in the purity of his purpose,
in the goodness of his heart,
and in his resolute fortitude to be positive,
that purity imbued him and his love of Barbara,
the children, and grandchildren,

there’s almost wizardry in how well his mind worked
to understand and work with the intricacies of contracts and leases,
his work vital to companies’ success,
such as Home Depot whose expansion prospered with his help,

the solid sureness of his partnership with Barbara was a joy to behold,
the grandchildren we share have brought joy to all of us,

Mark was alive with humor, with purpose,
with the pure clarity of a metal well-forged. 

by Henry H. Walker
August 8, ’14

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