Wednesday, July 16, 2014

where's our brain?

where is our leading?

I wonder about us as a species
and how much intelligence we can muster
to meet the challenges the world gives us
and that we throw at ourselves,

if we are as a body, then where is our brain?
Washington has seizure after seizure
as if to give oneself a stroke
will free up the rest of the body to prosper,
we can get better legs but where to go with them?
better hands but what to do with them?

we can comfort ourselves with the delusion
that selfish actions by individuals
can somehow manifest as the guiding hand of the marketplace,
that “hand” does produce the better and better widget 
yet it cannot grasp a vision of our soul
and where we should go with our widgets,
now many are guided by the lowest common denominators,
the illusion of the senses that more is always better,
we waste the great gift of fossil fuels
in cars with more power and weight
than the future will understand,
we supersize ourselves and wonder why we’re sick,

I am intrigued by the Internet
and how a distributed intelligence might work like natural selection
to help us evolve into the better,
Wikipedia, as paradigm, intrigues me,

the plant kingdom somehow fills 
every available niche with purpose and beauty
with no great gardener supervising it all,
yet that of God is a whole within all of life,
we are the crown of creation only so far as we can be the eyes
that make conscious the whole,
we can be the eyes with which life can see itself 
and know it is good.

by Henry H. Walker
July 13, ’14

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