Tuesday, July 1, 2014

beauty as a search image

preparing for serendipity

to find an arrowhead you need a search image,
an internal template within your mind 
as your eyes scans the ground,
so that out of a hodgepodge of stones
a shape can reveal itself
and then find itself in your hand,
in the woods you can learn the shapes natural to the forest
and artifice can slip out--the line of an old road or wall,

the same with movement, animal to the eye or sound to the ear,

I go to the wild and hope 
for a bear in the East

and a wolf in the West,

and sometimes I get the gift I ask for,
more often, the universe cares nothing for my “wish list,”
and surprises me with a gift I’m slow to realize can be just what I need,

in the last few days turkeys and woodpeckers have touched my world,
and, like a foodie omnivore, I have marveled at the spread before me,
I hope for peregrine falcon and find sun playing with misty mountains instead,
when galax and partridgeberry bloom before me, 

I treasure them,
as I do the perfection of tiny brown mushrooms I notice on a log,

I seek to have beauty as my search image,
and I am humbled by what can be revealed
if I am open to the surprise of whatever gift reveals itself.

by Henry H. Walker
June 27, ’14

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