Friday, July 18, 2014

place and story


geography intrigues me--
the patterns of land and water
and how leaf and limb have lived with the terrain,
how people have danced with the geography,

Massachusetts draws me, 
as it did my ancestors hundreds of years ago,

and I feel for their stories
as they sought hills upon which to be as God called them to be,
and valleys within which to find purpose in life
and the future with their children,

we humans erupted our world upon the Earth
as the great ice retreated north,
here where glaciers ruled and sculpted,
rock, land, and water remember that time well,

we need to remember that our current chapter
is not the first in the story,
that the book will continue without us,
and that what will unfold later is yet to be determined.

by Henry H. Walker
July 5, ’14
images courtesy of Google Images

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