Monday, April 28, 2014

Xavier, the play

we, robot

each of us is on a journey
to find who we really are
we want to find others who can help us
find the path to believe in ourselves
and who can serve as reality checks to our self-definition,

my career has been to serve as a middle school teacher
and I have felt best as one of those others
who helps the student believe in his and her self
and helps the student find the path away from the lesser
and toward the greater within,

tonight a play used the vehicle of middle schools
designing a robot from scratch
to explore body image,
as ideas of perfection of look war with function,
and then the ideas explored moved from the vagaries of the physical
to how heart and mind define us,
and how, at our deepest, we share ambivalence within ourselves:
we love and hate who we are at the same time,
and a confident sureness is an illusion that just can’t quite happen,
we are at our best when we act on the greater
and still pay the dues of remembering the lesser,

tonight, playwright, director, and middle school cast nailed it,
and all of us are better for remembering the truth
of who it is the universe makes when we make ourselves
and how that process works.

by Henry H. Walker
April 25, ’14

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