Monday, April 21, 2014

humans and circles

who the master?

humans are drawn to each other
almost like magnets lining up with each other’s field,
we find another and soon we face the other,
the journey through the moments then becomes person to person,
and the journey out to nature is abandoned,
I watch adults and kids
both slip into the social, quickly, easily,
while all around them nature quietly offers her wares
of exquisite flowers, falling water, even bears,
yet circles facing in can be stronger
than being open to revelation from without,
that revelation that can shake us to our core,

the lonely within us can feel like it’s drowning
and clutch at whatever might hold it up for awhile,
whether it be the comfort of conversation
or our electronic ubiquitous jeejahs*,
each can be a useful tool, 
yet the tool can become the master,

I want my master to be that of God
within myself and within whatever is the other,
for then the drowning makes me larger.

* term from Neal Stephenson, Anathem
by Henry H. Walker
April 19, ’14

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