Monday, September 2, 2013

potential craves to be released

each child dreams

it’s the 50th anniversary of MLK sharing his dream,
and pushing all who would listen
to see what can be
if the right effort comes forth
from the best within us,

our school year begins
and families find their way to be with us,
for they feel something in what we do
that can call to the overwhelming love
all parents should have for their children:
those precious attempts by the universe to get it right,
to have actuality reach to equal the possibilities within the eyes
of each child who dreams and who should not be denied,

I know of many before who have found their way to our school
and who have found a path that seems to them right to follow,
and I have some idea of how well those paths
led to a somewhere worthy of their dreams,

as the school year begins,
I hope I can know my students
and help each find the ways to travel, 
worthy of their efforts 
and the awesome potential within each 
that craves to be released.

by Henry H. Walker
August 31, ’13

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