Saturday, March 9, 2013

a father lost too early

to honor the father

who we are today
requires that others lived
and helped carry on the sacred charge
to bring new life into the world
and to charge that new life
to become the best it can become,
how wonderful it is that love and direction
can fill the soul of that of God in a young one,
that which seems to me to be
the reaching for how to shine bright,

I see a young woman, Pagui,
who is alive and true to who she is,
I see her father live in the twinkle of her eyes,
in the easy smile that presents itself upon her face,
in the fullness and glory with which she will be her best,

all of this is a way for her to remember and honor her father,
an extraordinary man I wish I had known,

as Pagui remembers him, in her tears and in her smiles,
she gives him the greatest gift a parent can ever receive,
a child who fully lives the dream
that every parent hopes for those that follow,
that each will find the way to be their best,

we are born to shine bright,
and, thank God, Pagui shines like the sun.

by Henry H. Walker
March 4, ’13

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