Thursday, December 12, 2019

who tells us who we are?

a larger whole?

we want a larger whole
within which we live
and which then helps us feel we belong,

God, as Creator, controller, who gives life value,
Gaia, Mother DNA, who binds eery piece of life into a whole,
Fox News, which tell us our feelings are right,
and the other is wrong,

we want to be part of a story
whose writer is in control,
whose might is for right,
who tells us we matter in the story,
that we can matter in the story,

how hard, and yet how necessary it is,
to realize that we matter
when we realize that it is the larger whole
who is the self we should indulge,
that our individual whims are lesser
and should not be made into commandments to follow,
but rather insidious whisperings 
from the darker places within.

by Henry H. Walker
November 29, ‘19

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