Monday, December 23, 2019

politics and me

politics and me

politics are too much with me:

I believe in our inherent perfectibility,
in the naive belief that we can and will come into wisdom,
as our experience is buffered by thought and feeling,
I believe that we can learn from history,
so that we don’t repeat earlier stupidities,

I just cannot quit yet,
though the irrational trumps the rational 
far too often for me,
the tribal forcing us into the smallest subset
of which we are a part,
we choose our genes over species,
our species over the rest of Gaia,
we choose a commonality of surface,
and we do not realize how bound we are
to all else on this fragile planet,
we make ourselves less when we consider others as least,

we are willful teenagers,
we need to grow up,
and realize when the adult without, and within, is right.

by Henry H. Walker
December 20, ‘19

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