Sunday, March 3, 2019

everyone has a story

the stories need to be told

everyone has a story,
and each of us needs to tell it,
each of us needs for it to be heard,

we can create a persona for the world
that hides the battles we fight every day
to be, to do,
to hold to the best
while the worst 
works to pull us down,

that best in the other
calls me and I find a way
to hold against the emptiness
that passing time can visit upon our stories,

I pull together loose groups
with enough sharing of time, place, and calling,
so that stories can be told, heard, shared,

each has a story,
we have a story,
the stories need to be told,
the stories needs to be heard,
each “I” needs to be,
the “we” needs to be,
and to grow in the  telling.

by Henry H. Walker
March 3, ‘19

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michael said...

Well said! Thank you Henry.