Wednesday, February 27, 2019


striving towards the whole

I see the whole that each kid craves to be,
the whole that should be who we are as a species,

and I feel the fall that pulls at us,
pulls us to smash ourselves into pieces,
pieces that forget who they ought to be,
and congratulate themselves on being a part
that thinks it’s a whole,

I love a musical when countless parts make a whole,
a sports team where individuals shine
and the whole shines even brighter,

I despair of our politics,
so zero-sum, 
where one side’s plus 
requires the other’s minus,

competition, as a word, means to strive with,
a collective reach for excellence,
where one can be at their best,
and each can gain, even in a loss,

one wins in the striving towards the whole.

by Henry H. Walker
February 18, ‘19

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