Saturday, December 8, 2018

loss, and remembrance

Mother still loves

today, thirteen years ago,
Mother took a breath,
and, then, never took another,
her body gave up the ghost,
yet her soul still lives

in the Cabin we maintain and share as portal into nature,
in the dishes we cook according to her teachings,
in the boundless love the parent gives the child,
the teacher gives the student,
in the laugh I give when a moment is more lemon than sugar,
in the understanding that sugar needs lemon,
that flavor needs the tart,

Mother believed that we can be better,
that we should be better,
that our politics should be of the way
Jesus called us to be, with love,
that a good heart, plus good food,
can knit us together,
when money, greed, selfishness, and hate
work to pull us asunder,

I choose love and optimism,
even when the tribal and the lesser pull at us,

like Mother, I seek a better world for all.

by Henry H. Walker
December 7, ‘18

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