Sunday, August 5, 2018

releasing the inner introvert

I feel as lone Lego

as the last of my family drives away,
I feel despair, loneliness,
I feel adrift:
one lone Lego that had been part of a larger whole,
slowly dismantled, uncoupled, from friends and family,
who, but a week ago, joined us all in the grandness
of our annual pilgrimage to our cabin in the Smokies
and then for the overnight at Mt. LeConte Lodge,

the half of me that is an extrovert has been in its element,
as I saw the shape and needs of each person
and found how to build wholeness with many of the disparate parts,

all that communal charge felt right, and important,
I was a star, on stage,

today the curtain comes down, the show over,
the last of the audience out the door,

I feel my exhaustion,
as if the muscles of my emotionality
have accomplished all they can,
I am on edge, a chasm beside me,
tears, anger, anxieties, close to my surface,
I need sleep and an intense walk in the high woods,

like a stream in the drought, I need to be replenished.

by Henry H. Walker
August 3, ‘18

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