Monday, June 5, 2017

I am but part of a village

on others’ shoulders

for the last two years
one student, in particular,
has been able to use my classes
to find himself,
to believe in himself,
to assert himself upon the world
as a strong reader and writer,
as a strong person,
as a will that will move forward,
despite the overwhelming pull of the social for him,

for two years I have been singing his praises,
I have been seeing him as the best in how he sees himself,
and what I see is what I have gotten,
then I hear the story of how
my wife taught him as a 6 and as a 7 year old,
when he felt himself blundering in the thickets
that can beset the best of us,
those thickets that somehow empower the lesser,
she saw him and she saw paths out of the thicket,
she saw how to help him find those paths,
and he did it,

Isaac Newton is credited with a quote
acknowledging that he could go far
and that he should credit the giants who came before him
and on whose shoulders he could stand,
as a middle school teacher, I love to celebrate how far forward
my students are able to go while in my view,
how much better,
how much closer to the truth,
it is to acknowledge and honor
the great teachers before us
who helped the students lay their foundations
upon which we later teachers can help build toward the sky,
and, even more important,
we should honor the person before us
who works hard to see herself/himself truly,
and to express truly the best of who each is.

by Henry H. Walker

June 2, ‘17

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