Friday, June 16, 2017

Australopithecus and us

the ground pulls at us

millions of years ago,
a first ancestor of ours
rose up to walk on two limbs, not four,
and then we could see broader, further,
we could know ourselves in larger contexts,
the savannah full of wondrous, and dangerous, possibility,

in our politics these days
many see the danger and not the possibility
in the worlds outside
that we can fear to touch,
we retreat into the tribal
and huddle against the dark,
outside the family fire
we fear the shadows we do not know,

when we get tired
and feel ourselves stretched
so that we can’t quite cover what needs to be covered,
we feel the pull of the ground, the close,
and it is hard to stand tall and look out,
we can lose the larger contexts
as we struggle to control the world closest to us
over which our control seems to be slipping.

by Henry H. Walker

June 12, ‘17

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