Sunday, March 19, 2017

my greater, and lesser self

leadings within

when I release the best of me,
when I see a student, a colleague, a friend—truly,
when I realize the extraordinary within them
that strains to release itself,
I feel as a cheerleader
who leads the applause,
who makes sure the gift another opens
is noticed and appreciated,
who celebrates the fullness of the self 
that does the best it can,
and that best is impressive,

I can only imagine the doubts that beat upon the other,
how much that of God within them 
has to deal with all within them that is not of God,
at least not any god I think we should follow,

most of my days I appreciate and live
who I feel is the God within me,
in the night my lesser self mocks the sureness
my greater self wants to feel.

by Henry H. Walker

March 17, ‘17

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