Sunday, March 19, 2017

a glory we hope to know

the glory before us

the natural world is my foundation,
below and before whatever I do
as a person with people,
whatever I do in the human world
can tempt me away from the basics,
I fear being like Narcissus
looking into the pool of water
and losing himself in his own reflection,
before all that, I want to know and live the truth
of the sun upon the earth, of plants awakening,
of the awe one should feel below a redwood,

upon a sunrise or set,

Sunrise, Mt. LeConte

Sunrise, Maui, Mt. Haleakala

Sunset, Maui

before a flower, a crystal,

Cardinal Flower, Cabin on the Creek, Gatlinburg, TN

Hearts-a-Bustin, Cabin on the Creek, Gatlinburg, TN

Jewel Weed, Road Prong, Smokies

each moment the world before humans 
can reveal a beauty
that can daunt us with a glory
we can only hope to know.

by Henry H. Walker

March 17, ‘17

Below are images from our home here in North Carolina, as we anticipate spring:

Tomatoes and tomatillos started from seed early February

Buttercrunch lettuce in garden, planted mid-February

Sugar Snap Peas, planted mid-February

Blueberry Buds, in the midst of freezing temps

Cherry Buds, amidst freezing temps

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