Thursday, February 16, 2017

who I feel myself to be?

the Renaissance Man

who do I want to be?
a Renaissance Man feels right:
good in as many arenas
as I can imagine parts of my self to shine,
in as many ways
as I can find the wherewithal within
to reflect the Light,
a Light that comes to us
from every direction,
the Omnipresent who can shine 
through us, from us,
each shining true and important, a piece,
the more pieces we hold and express, the better,

the Renaissance Man as full as we can hope to be,
compared to what we hope to be, though,
even such fulness falls far short of the glory
we glimpse when we rise and touch 
the wholeness that calls to us,
we know how impossible it is to answer fully that calling,

on my birthday today, 
one friend called me a Renaissance Man,
while another called me the original Peter Pan,
alive to the child within,
I do hold my Peter Pan within me, 
yet also I live the Wendy 
who holds the other as her self, too,
who grows up and discovers 
she is the monkey in charge of the zoo,

who I am contains multitudes,
my Renaissance Man hopes to live them.

by Henry H. Walker

February 8, ‘17

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