Saturday, February 25, 2017

to center the universe upon a student

the parent-teacher conference

every one of us
moves through each day
on a journey that should be
toward a more perfect self,
toward a wholeness that calls to us,

my calling in career is to partner with students
at a school that seeks to know and love the individual,
and then to build the group,
as each reaches upward and outward
to become the best each can be,

today I met with parent after parent
to discuss the journey of the child,
the child that is theirs for a time,
the one who moves through classes and friends
in a decisive odyssey toward a more perfect self,

the journey fraught with challenge, with difficulty,
both the external, as conditions can overwhelm,
and the internal, as decisions might only haltingly
help the process forward,

I love to witness each journey in the conference,
to celebrate the victories, to mourn the defeats,
to center the universe for a time
upon the student,
and upon the journey that calls to them,
and to which each responds.

by Henry H. Walker

February 23, ‘17

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