Sunday, January 15, 2017

Galileo: mathematics the language of God?

to know of God

how can I know of God?
how can I know the rules,
the underlying reality that structures the universe?
how can I know the totality
which has been with us since the beginning,
before “we” were even a part of “us,”
back when matter and time and gravity,
even space itself, came to be?

all Goldilocks in how this universe was made, 
ready for the Word,
for life, for consciousness,
the curiosity that can create the mirror
in which, through us, 
the universe can work to know itself,

Galileo argued that mathematics is the language of God,
amorphous words can help us toward truth,
yet clarity of revelation comes from number and equation,
energy just equals mass times the speed of light squared,
rules that only mathematics approximates in understanding,
in the beginning was the Number?

for Christmas I was given a book,
Here’s Looking At Euclid,
the title grabbing me with its word play,
opening it and reading made me feel
I was at a mountain top, stoned by revelation,

how the nothing of zero is really some thing of great value,
how leaves precisely manifest at the golden angle, 
137.5 degrees as they spiral around the circle,
that way to maximize the collective capture of sunlight,
how irrational numbers, 
those angles that can’t be expressed as a fraction,
rule a plant’s leafing,
for with the irrational guiding the placement,
never will the plant return to the same spot in the circle,
mathematical relationships create our world,
probability, geometry, logarithms, x,
the divination of the abacus and slide rules,
"the life of pi,"

Fibonacci numbers close approximations of the golden ratio,
Fibonacci himself carried numerals from Arabia to Europe,
earlier the Arabs found them in India and felt their truth,
the ancients in India knew well both spiritual truth
and its potential synchronicity with the rulebook we call mathematics,

math is the language of God,
and, through us, the consciousness that is that of God within us,
seeks to know itself, to return to the Creator.

by Henry H. Walker

January 15, ‘17

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