Friday, June 17, 2016

Siri Us ly

tools and atrophy

how ironic
that just when Google can answer countless questions,
often seemingly instantaneous with the last key stroke of typing it in,
I seem to have fewer questions,
it’s as if the part of my soul
that drives me to question,
to imagine possible answers,
to enjoy the hunt
almost as much when the quarry escapes
as when the quarry is found,
that part of me seems to atrophy
when my electronic servant does it for me,
I read a lesson there to continue to rely on my self enough
so as not to be too dependent on a tool:
to find my way on the highway without GPS and Siri sometimes,
to exercise the muscles of my mind to keep them strong,
my middle school students,
given a simple math problem,
ask for a calculator,
when I’m in a mood, I point at my own head and say
“Here’s my calculator!”

now that every cell phone seems able to record video,
where is Sasquatch?
where are the alien sightings?

but also where is God?
where is wonder?
where is joy?

not all that gives value is reducible to bits and binary genius,

and I need to be master to my own lethargy.

by Henry H. Walker
June 16, ‘16

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