Friday, June 17, 2016

garden bounty

mid-June’s garden

human convention of calendar has aspects
more practical than metaphysical,
though the year starting near the Winter Solstice,
works to follow the light and the dark, and that power,

Summer, though, fits the needs of the farmer
for labor to fight back the weeds, to shepherd the growing,
to reap the bounty of vegetable and early fruit,

our garden now:
sugar snap peas have finished, as has lettuce,

green beans, squash, and the first tomatoes grace us,

potatoes are almost ready to be dug and savored,

blueberries and blackberries slip into ripeness,

the heavy harvest of Fall opens into possibility:
pumpkin vines race to capture the sun and flower into fruit,

grapes hope for flower to transform into green fruit

and for that fruit to ripen months from now,
kiwi set into fruit that may be ready in October,

how important it is to feel the patterns
and release ourselves into them.

by Henry H. Walker
June 16, ‘16

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