Friday, May 15, 2015

Lantern Restaurant, and Andrea

Culinary Intelligence

I don’t really like wish lists for presents,
maybe because I don’t want to anticipate
what the present will be when another unwraps
just who they are,
and I get to glory in each unique surprise:
that’s what teaching is like for me at my best,

Howard Gardiner blessed us with the insight
that intelligence manifests in a multitude of forms,
that brilliance can be in movement, 
in shaping, 
in words, 
and in numbers,
in knowing self, in knowing others, 
in knowing nature or the spirit,

and tonight at supper my wife added “culinary intelligence”
as another way brilliance can express itself:
a finding of foods, a mingling of taste and texture,
a sense of the possibility within food,
in its preparation, in its presentation,

as much art as in a painting or a sculpture,
a connecting to the miracle of life,
and, if we’re lucky,
to the miracle of the other sharing the food with us,

tonight in Chapel Hill at Lantern Restaurant,
Andrea expressed her gift,
and we know again brilliance in the culinary.

by Henry H. Walker
May 14, ‘15

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