Wednesday, February 18, 2015

time to start tomato plants!

time future calls

time future can be inherent in time present:

snow, sleet, and freezing rain
sheen all surfaces with a shallow stasis
while blooming crocus hold on to hope, 

daffodil leaves pierce the ice and calmly anticipate spring,
though their few buds up look forlorn,
as if hope came too soon to them,

a week and a half ago I planted tomato seeds in 12 pots:

half large red, the other cherry yellow and red,
and I convinced the seeds with heat and moisture to reach up,
they use warmth in the house and sun through the windows
to get a head start on summer,

if we want a homegrown tomato before the 4th of July
it’s time to pull the future into the present, and prepare,
the asparagus bed weeded and mulched,
the ubiquitous gill-over-the-ground fought back under the blueberries,

part of who I am figures that it’s rarely too early
to do today what will be due to be done tomorrow,

I still use the Postal Service for birthday card and present,
and I rarely mind the lag time of days,
e mailing and texting can be near instantaneous,
yet lethargy and procrastination will still have power,
people will still make little lists and find distractions
that will have time present late to deal with time past and future.

by Henry H. Walker
February 17, ’15

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