Wednesday, February 11, 2015


it takes a community

Dr. Seuss imagines the fantastic:
human traits writ large in his wonderful creatures,
all within a world wholesome at the heart,
a place to be a maker with our thoughts,

how wondrous the play, 
not only in character, script, and song,
but in what our community creates 
with our bodies, our hands, our souls,
the vision and effort 
directors, musicians, choreographer, set designers, and techies
add to the vision and effort the actors bring with their full selves:
the confidence, the doubt, 
the ability that yearns to release into wholeness and success,
the vision and efforts parents bring 
who envision what costumes, hair, and make-up can be,
and who make it real,
so that what actor and audience see together
can animate the world of Dr. Seuss

and have it be real, onstage, for a time--
brief by the clock
yet amazing to the audience
and thus amazing to each of us
who should then know the power
with which each can “think” and be. 

by Henry H. Walker
February 4, ’15

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