Sunday, May 25, 2014

process versus product

the waterfall and the hike

I’m always confused by process versus product--
for example, how kids learn versus what they learn,
today, it’s the getting to and from a destination versus being there,

the process of hiking is work: effort, sweat,
overcoming the frustration of coming round a bend in the trail
only to find another bend in the trail ahead,
every moment I stop and notice the flowers, the stream, a tree,

I’m not moving so am I in another process?

the product is the waterfall and it’s worth savoring:
resting, hearing, writing, photographing, eating, exploring,

when we get to Ramsay Cascades
I hear one student feel overwhelmed and exclaim
“Oh, my God!”

how much work is necessary to be able to feel such awe?

by Henry H. Walker
May 20, ’14

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