Sunday, May 18, 2014

a sculpture of words

the form within

sometimes I have the sculptor’s eye:
what I’ve heard is the sense
to see the shape within the stone,
the form who wants to shape itself from the formless,
in another’s eye I can often see a gleam
of someone awesome within
who wants to dare to come out,

as I work with students in my classes,
what I see is order beginning to be set free
from the chaos of circumstance and hormones and bad decisions,

there’s a lot of detritus that gets cast away in the carving,
I find far more discarded chips than arrowheads
when I search ground where native peoples worked the stone
to bring forth what they needed,
what they wanted,
what they saw and caused to be,

I hold in my hand now a novel written by a former student
who found greatness potential within her
and dared to work the years necessary to bring forth
a sculpture of words to hold against
the entropic dissolution that seeks to deny the sculptor’s vision.

by Henry H. Walker
May 16, ’14

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