Monday, April 8, 2013

to inventory the neglected

release the pressure

all sorts of pressure are just underneath my surface of self,
the energy can be subsumed in the busyness of action,
like steam to power the machinery of work and duty,

when I start to release myself from doing,
I loose my control of the turmoil within me,
no apparatus then forces the energies to do work,

so in the middle of the night
I wake up and fears and doubts work at me,
I feel fearful for what might happen,
I can feel guilty for what has happened,
I sense the dark forces within me,
I remember this and that decision,

I work to inventory what I have neglected,
to face what I fear,
so that in my psyche the energies can flow true.

by Henry H. Walker
April 4, ’13

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Eddie said...

I am reading right now about Existential Psychology and it speaks to this very clearly. I understand the struggle.