Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a need to be seen

the play can be the thing

everyone of us, I feel, wants to be seen,
and, when seen, appreciated as a gift,
a gift chance and will allow to be given,
and a presentation that can please the audience before us:
the essence of who we are then worth notice,
worth our breaths, who we are
worth a turn in the light,

I find it hard to believe that anything I do in teaching
is more important than seeing true the student,
liking what I see,
and letting the student know my belief
in the power and wonder of who each is,

I seek to create showcases, opportunities, venues
for the light within to find a way past the shutters
that so easily drop and interpose,
for the light to shine bright,
whether it be in writing, discussion, project, sport,
whatever path I can help the student find
to release that which is one’s best before us,

now it’s time for me, for us, to move forward with a play,
and in the process of visioning, auditioning, picking, rehearsing, performing,
many of us can find a path to the light
and what lives on the stage within the spotlight
will shine bright, mostly because that within will be a’blaze!

by Henry Walker
October 18, ’10

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