Tuesday, October 12, 2010

kids in the woods

remember: you do know the language

she looked at my kids, piling into the van,
looked at me: “you’re a brave man,” she offered,

whereas my take is that I mostly say “yes” to my inclinations,
and release how heart and intuition lead me to act,
in some ways it might be braver to defy the calling,
certainly not as right, though, and destructive in its bravery,

I work to allow myself to be constructive, to be a guide
who opens a door for young people
who finds the paths to help them along
to learn a new language,
that they’re born to know,
but that gets obscured
by the whispering and blathering of our culture,

whereas the universe speaks subtly in atom and spirit,

I seek to know and help the young to remember they can hear
a miracle speak in a seed,

magic laugh in a waterfall,

a bird and a bear captivate us with story,
and to know again the rightness they can feel
in the midst of nature unbridled,

I joy when any of us relearns the first language
and hears again the music sung by life, truth, light,
above the rhythm that matter itself establishes for us,

we are given the grace
to hope to know it all.

by Henry Walker
October 9, ’10

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