Wednesday, August 4, 2010

our two grandchildren care

learning to care

I love noticing and describing the climb,
mostly up to higher and higher developmental levels
by the two grandchildren with whom we’re graced,

the eyes captivate me
as they learn to focus and discern and learn,
and, as they value those of us different, but somehow worth a connection,
and, if we’re lucky, a smile,

the hands, the knees, the feet
as the world becomes that which can be acted upon,

the voice as sounds become tools,
first clumsy then finer and finer
as the subtleties of grammatical constructions, of sets and subsets, emerge,
all a verbal scaffolding with which thoughts and self can reach higher and higher,

today I’m in awe of the heart, the caring for another,
the finding happiness in another’s well-being,
growing-up we learn individuation, and that’s good,
seeing our 5 year-old and our 2 year-old play with each other,
they often release a natural sweetness inherent in them,
and carefully nurtured by invested parenting,

they learn and care, and that’s true and wonderful.

by Henry Walker
July 30, ’10

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hollybee said...

"today i'm in awe of the heart"