Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the generative impulse

in awe of mother

we come into this world through the grace of a gatekeeper
who most often becomes our closest guide for years,

I am in awe of mother, my mother, every mother, the mother,
for of such is the bringing of life
from out of the darkness into the light,
from possibility and hope into the first breaths
and the opening into the grand adventure,

of course, first for her is the hardwiring, the biology of it all,
but then it is the wiring of learned behavior and choices,
gifts from the ages and the making of one’s own way,

I am in awe of mother,
of every person,
of every morning,
of every leaf, flower, tree,
of the spell of water in whatever form it takes,

when we can find a way to make sure no blinders are on us,
every moment in this world can deserve awe.

by Henry Walker
July 31, ’10

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