Sunday, July 4, 2010

the writer's voice


all of us are unique
with our own stories to tell
in our own way
and yet all of us are also the same,
with our particulars understandable and engaging to others,
because each of us journeys at the heart the same,
with our lives we each answer the same questions,

and how another walks his or her own path
helps us better understand the choices
and the journey we choose with our own moments,
their honesty helps both of us stay authentic to our own character,

each of us has an own voice,
while we speak the same language,
while we answer much the same questions,
the way we say what we need to say
can help in the tuning and the authoring
of how another voice finds a way to hold and speak the journey forward,
while so much works to hold us back,

when we are most individual and unique,
we can surprise ourselves and others by being the most universal.

by Henry Walker
June 30, ’10

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