Monday, July 5, 2010

Henry's voice on the radio

My last post (Voice) came to me while I was thinking about an upcoming interview on the radio about To Kill a Mockingbird (The State of Things, WUNC radio, 7/1/10). We work hard at CFS to help our students find and express their own voice, a "voice" Harper Lee expresses so eloquently. If you want to listen to the experts and me discuss the book, you can go to

to choose within the moment

I find the question fascinating:
how much the moment should hold who I am
and keep me just where and when body and mind find me?

every moment holds within itself
the past that led to now,
and the future, each future, that the moment now can usher in,
as one difference after another
can be the next to build its own narrative,

sometimes I need to live in the moment as spectator,
an audience who gets and enjoys all that is
and that is without any action from me,
and sometimes I need to be the director who sees what can be
and works to shape becoming out of being,

I can live in the past,
I can live in the present,
I can live in the potentials of the future,

so much depends on how I choose within the moment.

by Henry Walker
June 30, ’10

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