Saturday, December 6, 2008

we reset with Obama

we reset with Obama

when that fabulous tool, the computer,
gets all glitched-up
and acts as if it can’t be fixed,
it can sometimes work to turn it off,
and then turn it back on,
in the resetting it can remember itself
and get back to its basic mission,

yesterday our country hit the reset button
and chose hope over hate,
love over fear,
inclusiveness over distrust of the other,
increasing possibilities over fighting each other
for the scraps of what’s left,
ideals trumping selfishness,

we chose to embrace the other
who makes us larger
over hating our differences
which make us smaller,

we remembered we should be there for the least of these . . .

we are the long-lost children
of they who first got it that one cell is but a step
to multi-cells working together,

we deny and forget our connections at our peril,

Barack Obama calls us back to the basics,
whose radical agenda is of life itself
and its sister hope.

by Henry H. Walker
November 5, ‘08

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