Saturday, December 6, 2008

to reflect majesty

to reflect & define majesty

the outside always pulls at me,
every window draws my eye,
I feel adventure
outside the room--
away from the people,

I have a favorite spot up in the mountains
where our yard’s boundaries
dissolve into forest and national park,
where the inconstant constancy of the creek
mutters a lullaby,
bear have walked by,
and I swear once it was a wolf,

more and more these last years I’ve looked up into the trees
and read meaning when something within and below me
resonates with something without and above,

just a few weeks ago autumn’s exuberance awed me,

tonight the stars draw me through the baring branches,
I open myself to the outside
and wait for that inside
to know itself more truly,

we can do far worse than feel ourselves a mirror
in which a hint of majesty can reflect and define.

by Henry Walker
November 26, ‘08

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