Tuesday, March 3, 2020

tugging at me to notice

my roiling psyche

it feels to me that I only skim
over the roiling depths of my psyche,
I follow a thread of routine,
a calming friendliness of being on a path
that I understand and from which 
I act with sureness and volition,

then in the night my psyche assaults me
with worries I have pushed down,
sometimes with lessons that shout at me
to realize what I need to notice,
what I need to deal with,
like little kids tugging at me
to drop lower into their world,
I am a confident adult
who is also a frightened child,
and who knows who else I am, too?
my psyche roils, and I still have to act,
live every day the best I can,
to walk forward even though
the way forward seems to be trackless,

we have to hope that intuition, and a good heart,
keep us true to a path that is more right than wrong.

by Henry H. Walker
February 28, ‘20

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