Friday, August 9, 2019

moving toward rightness

to open the lock into truth

much of life seems 
a desperate attempt to get the code
that opens the lock
into the rightness that we seek,

we get seduced away from the search
by the glitter of others’ opinions,
by the gratification of our senses,
by getting enough of the numbers right
that we pause our effort,
since we feel on the verge of success,

I look at others,
and I feel how much they seem to have gotten it right,
and then I feel that the final numbers aren’t quite there,

we have to act with our life, our decision,
before we can feel any sureness,

we have to move forward,
despite the darkness and doubt that beset us,

we have to act with the numbers
that reveal themselves to us,
we have to hope that we move forward, 
and with rightness.

by Henry H. Walker
August 6, ‘19

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