Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Nova Scotia, first day

Nova Scotia opens to us

down down we drive,
along a peninsula that looks skinny on a map,
but feels prideful and sure of itself, 
as if remembering long ago 
when Pangea broke apart,
and its stones witnessed the opening of the Atlantic ocean,
a rift appeared, magma welled-up,
and the basalt cooled into many-sided columns,
their cliffs remember the Fire,

pine woods, spruce forest, and lupines shout of dominance
on this glacier-scoured land
where granite boxers can’t help but tell
of the great cold smithing of the ice,
they remember the Cold,

tides here shout of how reactive the sea can be with its tides,
a boat can lie on land
and a few hours later float in the risen bay,
great swaths of seaweed
spend half their life below
and half above the surface,

we are intrigued by how reactive cuisine can be here,
celebrating bounty from water and land;
an exquisite harmony that should be how we humans
adapt to what is possible and rings true
to what can be sustained.

by Henry H. Walker
June 20, ‘19
uploaded 6/25/19 just as our ferry leaves Digby, Nova Scotia, for St. John, New Brunswick

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