Tuesday, April 23, 2019

a brilliant mind, a committed heart

Jamie Hysjulien

I sat in on a senior seminar one time,
a brief period of asking questions of the student
who was venturing a take on truth,
based on what they’d been studying
and what the student ventured as thesis,

Jamie revealed himself then:
a brilliant mind, a committed heart,
a devoted teacher who joyed in the student’s
brilliant mind, committed heart, devotion to truth,

as I sit outside now, it’s a perfect day
of deep blue sky, of brilliant late afternoon light
reveling in the revealing of the oak tree above,
just coming fully into its power,
like the student in the senior seminar,

how strange it feels to have the world around me
not reeling from the loss of such a fine man:
a devoted partner, a devoted parent,
a doting grandparent,
a colleague who lifted more than his share 
of students toward the light, 

I imagine kid after kid becoming adult after adult,
each coming more fully into the power within them
that Jamie helped refine and release
into a world that needs brilliant minds and committed hearts,
who know how to become and be,
in no small part because Jamie
saw them, loved them, helped them,

may each honor Jamie with how well each
sees the world, sees themselves within that world,
and finds the ways to make a difference, for the better.

by Henry H. Walker
April 22, ‘19

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